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Hi! I am new here. And pretty happy to have found a Chris Farley community . . . especially one with my favorite quote of Chris Farley's: "when you're living in a van down by the river"! I mean Matt Foley rocked!!! It's truly a shame though . . . that such a great comedian would throw his life away like he did, and is no longer with us! RIP Chris Farley!
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Your username is great. I love Gilda! Obviously, you can see that from my icon, hehe.
Thanks!! Why don't you post anymore at the Gilda Radner community?? Right now it's pretty dead!!
WOW! im new to hello everyone! this is so exciting that skit, motivational speaker, is my favorite comedy skit of all time! although i do really like when chris danced to the lunch lady song hahaha! it is so funny! anyway im new and i just wanted to say hi!thanx
Hello!!! Welcome!!!! Nice to meet ya!